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The Sweetest Little Backyard Wedding Since I Don't Know When

A back yard transformation and a slightly non-traditional celebration

I love backyard weddings. They're intimate, low key, and often quite creative. You'd have to be, honestly, when working with a small space. But of all the backyard weddings I've done, Erin & Paul's was the most memorable.

Welcome to Wonderland

I don't have any photos of how this yard looked before (Oh, how I wish I did!) but when I say it was transformed, I mean it! I honestly didn't recognize it when I walked in. The fairy lights, the textiles, the plants - it was all so dreamy! And it could not have been more perfect.

Up For Anything

When I introduced myself to the bride and groom, they shook my hand and said, "You're the photographer, we trust you - just tell us what you want us to do." (Words every photographer loves to hear!) I honestly didn't know what I wanted to do, either, especially given the small space, but once we got started the magic just flowed.

I mean...look at these two!!! PERFECTION!

The posing was so accidentally editorial I was squealing inside, and the late afternoon light that came peeking through the trees could not have been more perfect.

Everything I asked, they happily did. Every time I made stupid noises or embarrassed myself, they laughed along and went with the flow. It was fun.

Something Different

Erin & Paul had already gotten legally married, so they chose to do something different with their family & friends present. As they stood together under the pergola, family members got up and shared letters, poems, or words of encouragement for the couple, who then exchanged some very touching vows. It was truly an intimate and sweet affair, and I feel so fortunate to have witnessed and captured it for them.

Every wedding is different, and every one is special in its own right. What I love about the small ones is the closeness, that sense of inclusion - like I'm being let in on a really special secret. And I get to take that energy, that softness, and infuse it into the pictures I take, so they never lose that feeling, no matter how many years have gone by.

Check out the full gallery for the rest of their story: and leave a comment below with your favorite image!

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