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It Was a Total 'Notebook' Moment (Or, When It Rains on Your Wedding Day)

A few years ago, I was hired for a small wedding out in the country. It was October, and the weather was delightful Big, puffy white clouds in the sky, a delightful autumn was perfect for a backyard wedding.

A lineup of cowboy boots on a bale of hay
Boot Lineup

Small wedding bouquet of pink, yellow, and white daisies perched in a wire fence
Barbed Wire Bouquet

A single pair of cowboy boots with a bouquet tucked between them
Boots & A Bouquet

I walked around the yard, taking pictures of all the sweet little details - the bales of hay, the lineup of boots, the was all so cute and thoughtful. I had a lot of fun with it, as you can imagine (details are one of my favorite things about photographing weddings) - placing the bouquet in the fence, setting the wedding rings on one of the boots - but soon it was time to get down to business.

After the portraits of the bride were complete, the guests were seated, the music started, and we were ready to begin the ceremony. The bridesmaids made their entrance, and the moment we were all waiting for was here.

...and so was the rain.

Yup. As soon as the bride took her first step down the aisle toward her groom, the sky opened up. There was a moment when everyone looked around and wondered, "What do we do?" But the bride kept walking, so I kept shooting.

It wasn't easy keeping my camera dry as the rain came down harder and harder, but I was hired to do a job, so I did the best I could. All through the vows, as the rain dripped off the pergola down the bride's dress, they remained, focused on each other. And then, the big moment - "I now pronounce you husband and wife" - and I swear the sky just blew wide open and the rain came down in sheets. But that didn't stop them. And it sure didn't stop me.

And what I got out of it was a photo straight off a Nicholas Sparks book cover - the couple's first kiss with a background of rain.

Couple kissing in the rain
A Notebook Moment

Pretty epic, if you ask me.

Honestly, these two were troopers. A lot of people would have run back inside and waited for the rain to pass - which it always does because hello, Florida. But these two stuck it out and ended up with not only a great story to tell about their wedding day, but photos to show just how dedicated they were to getting married.

Plus, I'm pretty sure rain on your wedding day is a good omen. :)

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