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I'm so glad you're here.


You're on a journey - one that will take you from the blissful promise of a lifetime together, to the sweet anticipation of parenthood, and finally through the joyful blessing of meeting your new baby. These moments fly by, faster than any of us can imagine, and it's my honor to be able to capture them in a cinematic, artistic, and authentic way so you have them to cherish for a lifetime.

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My Story

My journey started when I was very young - I remember looking for excuses to take pictures of me and my friends, our cat, or the trees as they changed colors in the fall. This was long before digital cameras, back when we had rolls of 120 film and the quality of the prints was...well, we'll call it retro. 

Through high school, my college years and beyond, I always found a reason to take pictures, and when I finally decided to go to school and study photography, my love for photographing people blossomed.

I'm a multi-passionate person, and enjoy other creative pursuits such as writing, painting and a little guitar playing. If I can create, I'm happy. 

And that's where you come in. What you will get from me is an enthusiastic experience, a creative mind, and photos that tell your story, wherever you are in your journey. 

I love to take my engagement and maternity sessions outdoors, and I absolutely ADORE editorial and stylistic themes that capture your energy and personality. 

For newborns, I bring it home - your home, to be exact. Within the first few weeks after your baby's birth, I will come to your home, where you are most comfortable, and help you freeze those fleeting moments of newness in time. Sessions include baby alone, baby with Mom, with Dad, and with the family - pets, too! 

I'm here to take this journey with you and to create one-of-a-kind images as well as a relaxed and fun experience in your photography session.

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