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Why You Need a Branding Photography Session

When someone mentions “headshots”, what’s the first thing you think of?

If you’re like most people, you picture a man or woman in a suit jacket or blazer, arms folded & authoritative as they stand in front of a backdrop and smile. And that’s okay for corporate headshots, but for branding? It’s so much more.

Headshots are only part of what goes into branding – and while we want your potential clients to see who they’re working with, we also want them to know who they’re working with. And that’s where branding photography comes in.

You’ve probably heard the saying about letting your potential clients – the ones you see you on social media and your website – get to know, like, and trust you, and that’s exactly what branding is all about. It’s creating a narrative in photos that tells your story as a brand so the folks who see those photos feel like they know you by the time they reach out to hire you. And they’re hiring you because of the brand story you tell.

A woman sitting crosslegged in a courtyard meditating
Co-Founder of One Breath Institute


So how does it all work? We begin with a questionnaire that’s all about you and your brand so I can get an idea of what ideas and personality we want to convey. Then we meet to go over the ideas, answer your questions, and start putting together the look that best fits your brand.

A lot goes into the planning stage, but don’t be dismayed! It can actually be a lot of fun! We’ll be talking wardrobe, location, props, and how to put all of it together in a way that shows the world exactly who you are and what makes you and your brand unique. This part is super important, because what you wear, the tools you use, and the settings you’re in all tell a story, and we want that story to sing!

A woman smiling, holding a guitar
Local Florida Songwriter


When it comes to the photo session itself, we’ll select at least two locations that best showcase the work you do and how you do it. If you’re a pastry chef, we’d take pictures of you at the market, shopping for supplies, and then in your kitchen, at work on one of your tasty masterpieces. If you’re a coach, we’ll photograph you working on your computer in a coffee shop or your office, as well as interacting with clients. If you’re a dance or yoga teacher, we’ll show you in your studio teaching or capture you mid-pose.

Woman holding a camera making a silly face
This is me at my core - goofy & weird

(It works because I make goofy faces during my shoots - I'm awkward and this is how I cope...which is something my clients might want to know about me, so I show them this photo next to the one where I look like a normal, functioning adult) photo by Hearts of Sage Photography -

You get the idea. But don’t think it’s only about getting pictures of you at work. We’re going to capture your personality, work in your brand colors, document the client journey, and so much more! By the time we’re done, your potential clients will feel like they know – and trust – you, which is absolutely key when it comes to getting – and keeping – clients.

Are you ready to start your branding journey? Hop on over to my Contact page to get started! (

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