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Welcome to the new PurpleFly Photography!

Hi! I don't know about you, but 2022 has been a challenge. From losing my full-time job of two years to the always unpredictable real estate market to a number of fits and starts with photography and finding my true niche, I'm happy to say that I've not only found a good full time job (for now - my plan is still to break free of the 9 to 5 and work for myself), but I stumbled upon a new direction for my business.

Old Habits and a New Direction

In the last two years, I've toggled back and forth between creative & editorial photos to family and lifestyle portraits to storytelling photo sessions, and back to editorial. I was all over the place, chasing ideas that others had whispered in my ear, neglecting to check in with myself and see what I wanted to do. Along the way, I learned about this thing called Human Design. I won't veer too far off track here, but it's basically like astrology, only it goes deeper than your personality traits. Among many other things, it dives into how you operate, what it looks like when you're in alignment with your purpose, what it looks like when you're not, and the best way to make decisions. I learned that I'm what's called a Manifesting Generator, which means that I am multi-passionate, I change my mind often, and when I'm fully aligned with my purpose, I can move mountains. But when I'm not, I am frustrated and agitated. It also means that when making decisions, I need to give myself time to think. Check in with my gut - is it a "hell yes"? Does the idea make me light up, or cringe, etc. So, over the course of my months of unemployment, I spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of photography could not only keep me energized and in my own creative flow, but also eventually support me so I wouldn't have to keep working for other people. I was stuck. My heart wanted to stick to editorial, but it wasn't making me as happy as it once had. And then a dear friend of mine found out she was having a baby. Without thinking, I called dibs on doing her maternity photos, and after her session I realized how much fun I'd had - and what the possibilities could be if I worked with that niche. A few months later, her baby girl was born and, again, I snagged the opportunity to take a shot (no pun intended) at photographing a newborn. And that was it. The lights came on again and even though I knew I had a lot to learn, I also knew I'd found something that made me feel energized and excited again.

Making the Decision

Part of me, of course, wanted to jump right into it. I started researching newborn photography, studying maternity poses, and got myself all jazzed about the equipment and props I could by. And then that voice, the wiser version of myself, chimed in, reminding me to sit with it. Don't make plans. Just think, envision, and check in.

I sat with it for a month. I did some model calls for maternity and engagement, I took more pictures of my friend's baby, and every time I could feel myself getting pulled toward this new focus.

Then I decided to embrace my multi-passionate side and figured "what the heck, I'm going for it!" I can change my mind later...and I'm sure I will.

But for now, I'm thrilled as I look ahead to the next year. I think about the people I'll meet, the things I'll learn, the ways I'll grow, and the memories I'll get to capture and freeze in time for couples, moms to be, and new parents. That's happy work, and I can't wait to dive in.

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