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Our Kind of Love

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

"Now they hold their own out on the liners

They're always prime for something slow

And you won't find them changin' partners

Love will keep in step keepin' up with a country set

It's our kind of love I'll bet

They're together everywhere they go"

- "Our Kind of Love", Clint Black

I met these two when they answered a model call back in November, and the moment they showed up, I knew it was going to be a fun session.

Katelyn's energy was infectious from the get-go - she was excited to be there, and she and Colton were ready and willing to do whatever I asked - and I couldn't help but get excited myself. Of course, my excitement "on set" usually leads to a total brain freeze and that day was no different. I completely blanked on how to begin.

Then I remembered that Katelyn and Colton were big fans of country music and line dancing, so we pulled up a country playlist and my brain kicked into gear.

Everything after that was just fun! The great thing about shooting at Dudley Farm ( is that it's ripe with old & rustic buildings that are perfect for a country-loving couple, and the weathered wood on the two we used were an ideal backdrop. It seems so simple, but it's pretty surprising how many poses are possible with a wall and a small set of stairs.

But we didn't stop there. In front of the rustic old buildings was a wide open field and I had ideas - lots of them - for making the most of it.

The weather that day was a little unusual for November - cloudy and cool, with a little bit of a breeze - so I decided to take advantage of that with some wide-angle shots while my darling couple did what they love to do - dance!

I don't really know why I love this image so much, but it's one of my absolute favorites from this session. Something about the fact that they're just so involved in each other and their dance makes it feel like they're the only ones on that field and I was just lucky enough to capture it. Maybe it's the all the grass and trees and sky that surround them, or the combination of everything.

What makes my job so much fun is that I get to capture people in their element - learn about what they love, who they are, and how they spend their time together, and then use that to create images that truly depict their connection. On this day, it was country dancing; other times it's a simple walk in the woods, or a charming downtown day-date. That's the beauty of it - every session is custom, which means I get endless opportunities to give my couples an experience that's unlike any other.


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