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Going Glam For Your Maternity Photos

You’ve seen the pictures – a gorgeous pregnant woman in a stunning dress with a skirt that billows wildly in the breeze – and you think “why can’t I look like that in my maternity pictures?” Guess what? You can!

I’ve got a growing collection of stunning dresses that are both dramatic and romantic — and they’re available to you when you book your session with me. Here’s a little extra information on each dress and where you can find them online.

First up – this stunning turquoise gown. I mean, helloooooo drama! But in the best possible way, right? The color pops in any setting, and the fabric clings in all the right places. You honestly can’t go wrong!

Pregnant woman in a fitted teal gown
Teal Beauty

While we’re on the topic of turquoise…this one dials down the drama but is soooo stretchy and soft you won’t even realize you’re wearing a gown! It’s got just enough train to add some elegance, and the fluttery, off-the-shoulder sleeves add a bit of romance.

Woman in a stretch teal maternity gown under a tree
Mama To Be

If you’re looking for something with a little more coverage – but just as much romance – this white lace dress is perfect. It’s got lots of flow, with a nice long skirt and a flattering criss-cross bodice.

Woman in a white lace maternity gown under a tree
Lace and Love

You know those photos where the mama is standing there looking all gorgeous in her dress and the skirt just seems to be floating in mid-air? These next two dresses are perfect for that! It doesn’t take much (other than an assistant with quick feet) to create this kind of magic, and the results are sure to be epic.

Two women in blue dresses for maternity photos
Blue Beauties

You may be sensing a theme, here…I have a thing for blue. But, hear me out – it looks good on EVERYONE. That said, I have dresses in other equally as gorgeous colors in my closet as well.

Another color hat absolutely pops out in nature? Red. And with fabric that goes on for days, the drama factor is off the charts.

Pregnant woman standing on a log in the woods
Spotlight on Red

If you’re more of an earth-tone kinda gal, I’ve got you! This olive green dress is both stunning and comfortable. Soft & stretchy, off-the-shoulder, and major earth-goddess vibes.

Pregnant woman in a green maternity gown
Sunset Glow

If you’re looking for a dress that’s romantic, feminine, and sweet, I’ve got two for you! They’re super flowy with a long chiffon overskirt and a stretchy knit (with a few sexy slits) underneath.

woman in a rose garden in a soft pink dress

woman in a pink maternity gown in a flower field
Field of Dreams

I know, you may be thinking, “I don’t need a glamorous dress for my shoot – I’d rather wear jeans and a tank top”. And that’s absolutely cool with me! The objective is for you to feel your best, because that’s what makes gorgeous photos. So if a fitted gown with a flowy train isn’t your vibe, and you’d rather keep it casual because that’s where you’re comfortable, then that’s what you should wear! Boho, country, glam, or grunge – it’s all about you and your style.

Feeling inspired? Click the button below and let's chat about your dream maternity photo session!

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