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Capturing the Glow: A Magical In-Home Maternity Session

I’d been feeling uninspired for months. Business was slow, winter came, and I lost my mojo. It was like someone crept into my room one night and gave me a creative lobotomy. There was no inspiration, no joy when it came to taking pictures.

And then…along came an opportunity to take part in a styled shoot, the theme for which was in-home maternity. I jumped at the chance I needed to shake things up creatively, to do something different from anything I’d done before.  

All I can tell you is I am in love.

Here’s the thing about in-home sessions. They’re comfortable. You’re in your own environment, you’re relaxed, you’re doing things you might normally do at home, only there’s someone there lurking around like a stalker taking pictures of you. JUST KIDDING. Okay, sure, it’s weird to have someone with a camera following you around your house, so you may not be completely relaxed, but I’m here to tell you it’s worth it.

couple embracing during their in-home maternity session

Lifestyle photo sessions are just that — a documentary of you living your life. Granted, it won’t be entirely organic (no one wants a picture of themselves doing the dishes), but even the “poses” come across as natural and easy. It’s just you, your significant other, maybe a kiddo or two, interacting with each other. Being together.

And the connections that get captured are nothing short of magical.

Know why? You’re not looking at me. You’re looking at each other. Feeling all that love, that joy, all that anticipation for the life that’s growing inside you.

A couple in their kitchen in an-home maternity session

You might be thinking, “My house is a mess, I can’t have pictures taken here!” And that’s okay. It’s why we have Airbnb — well, one reason, anyway. We’ll find someplace local that’s got just the right aesthetic, and use that as your “home”. I have a feeling you’ll be just as relaxed — if not more so — than if you were in your own home.

A couple relaxing on the couch together in an in-home maternity session

So if you’re into the more organic, relaxed vibe, then an in-home maternity photo session is perfect for you. Ready to get started? Click the button below and let me know exactly what you’re looking for!

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